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Your Dog Horoscopes

Your Dog Horoscopes

Every doggy has a special character but ever thought what their star sign tells you about your pampered poochie’s behaviour, character or style? Like us, they too are governed by the stars and planets. Take a look at your doggy’s horoscope which has been prepared by a top dog astrologer. If you’re getting a puppy see what kind of furry baby they could be!

  • Aquarius Doggy

    A wild unusual t-shirt doggy
    21st January to 19th February

    Can be as stubborn as a donkey and possessive at the same time. Could drive the most passive owner crazy. Can be very zany and do nutty things you didn't expect and really shock you so be prepared with this dog! Make a fantastic circus dog, unusual and mad. Loves a cuddle but upset them and the cold shoulder to you can last for days or even a month, they do not forget! Adores freedom, an 'off the lead' walk is perfect if you can safely. Very protective over "their" space. Very stuck in their ways and hate moving, not a dog to take travelling. Very protective, they feel you're not smart enough to look after yourself so they become your parent watching over you!

  • Piscies Doggy

    A glitter diamond collar doggy
    20th February to 20th March

    This doggy needs to be loved and worshipped. Always by your side, a faithful pet. Can be over sensitive so don't upset them as they aren't very forgiving. Piscies dogs are very social, love walks but when it comes to water they'll either love it or hate it. Can be a doggy that gets confused, never give them a choice and be assertive with them. Hate being left for too long as they have to be on the go and love interesting paths and walkways. Seaside walks will be the favourite, along the beach would be perfect! A Piscies dog may seem to see things you can't, it can freak you out or can be funny if you're not watching a horror film!!

  • Aries Doggy

    A bright jumper doggy
    21st March to 20th April

    This doggy is a born leader. This one will show you the way and be the boss of everybody in your home; they have to be top dog. They will think they can walk themselves, so watch out if this one slips off the lead. The sign "Beware of the dog" is perfect for an Aries dog, especially to warn the postman. Your doggy will love adventures, love to be on the move a lot. Try not to make this one too neurotic by babying them. If you do they will play up something rotten. Very loyal, as a puppy they would be really good and easy to teach tricks to. This doggy can be quite frisky and flirtatious at times so be careful of a new breed of puppies!

  • Taurus Doggy

    A soft luxury doggy collar
    21st April to 21st May

    Very clever at getting their own way. Loves children and is very brave and protective. A high maintenance dog, loves luxury and would have to sleep inside the house, warm and clean is very important to them! A lovely soft bed will do, usually yours! Very gentle but don't challenge them or they can be quite fierce. Keep a check on their ears in cold weather, their prone to ear infections. Love summer, in the winter will want to go out but not keen on getting wet so be sure to have a nice warm house and bed on their return!

  • Gemini Doggy

    A sparkly t-shirt doggy
    22nd May to 21st June

    What an easy dog to communicate with, very intelligent with exuberance and bounds of energy. Charming doggy and will show off when ever they can. Maybe a yapper as they need to let you know loud and clear what's wrong with them! Gemini dog's will love to travel and a car ride is really exciting for them, they crave oodles and oodles of love and affection. Gemini puppies will cause chaos in the home, but will get away with murder. They can charm you with their "I'm sorry mummy/daddy" look. Can be a tricky one to train as they think they know best. Be careful of this doggies love for travel as they could get carried away and keep on running until their lost.

  • Cancer Doggy

    A heart embellished collar doggy
    22nd June to 22nd July

    You can't get them out of the kitchen. If they could help you cook they would. For now, they can assist with any of the tasting duties required for a meal. They are attached at the hip to their mom's side, canine or human. Often maturing later in life, they may find it difficult to be apart from loved ones or their home. You can depend on them to be included in everything you do like it or not. Not an outdoor dog unless that activity includes swimming. She would prefer nestling right on your lap or by your side instead. They feel what you do, often sharing an emotional bond with their companions both human and animal. They must care for others and would do well as a watch dog over children or other animals. Very sensitive to digestive disturbances, they will not eat if upset by changes in the environment. They often take days off from eating until things settle. Then watch out, they can eat enormous amounts of food as if there was never a thing wrong. Probably the best companion dog out there if their neuroses don't drive you crazy. Keep "feel good" toys or pieces of your clothing handy when leaving. They miss you and live for your return. Give them tender love and never yell at them or they will retreat into their shells and look hurt and dejected for days.

  • Leo Doggy

    An uber groomed doggy
    21st July to 22nd August

    They must feel equal to their master in every way. Adore them and make them feel every part as special as they are. Frequent grooming and attention will provide the bond they need to feel important. They are looked up to and respected by all other animals in the family. Calm but watchful. Always on the prowl for foe or game. Conformation ring would serve them well as it gives them adequate time to be prepped and adorned. Others admire and praise their movements and appearance with ample rewards in the process. They do not like work much but will accommodate you for the praise they know they deserve. Loyal in every way, they are good companions and guard dogs. Keep them winning ribbons and pictures on your walls for proof of their accomplishments. Make sure they are included in all social events that make them the center of attention. They are quite comfortable lying around soaking up the sunshine - give them plenty of time to do so. They need to be an integral part of a family where they are given the respect they deserves.

  • Virgo DoggyVirgo Doggy

    A Sparkly Extendable Lead doggy
    23rd August to 23rd September

    They seem to want nothing but to help others. Often seen cleaning or grooming the other animals in your house, they also will encourage sick ones to eat. They may even remind you to take your daily walk to eliminate stress. Tuned in to every move you make they wait with leash in mouth for you to take them on their favorite walk. Sociable to other animals but not allowing strangers, animal or human, to get too close. They prefer the comfort of their small family. Ready to serve you, they will herd animals as well as children from harm. They will be the first to alert you to any hidden danger often sensing when a storm is brewing. Pacing and attention getting schemes will allow you to be aware of changes coming your way. Always watchful even when asleep - one eye is observing all before them. They are tuned in to the whole family.

  • Libra Doggy

    A Disco Diva doggy
    24th September to 23rd October

    They enjoy the company of a companion; they should come with a sibling. They will not be happy unless you are available 24 hours a day. Never standing for dissension, they will be the one making sure everyone gets along. Fighting is not allowed - the world is too beautiful and has many things to explore. Pretty and perky, Venus ruled, they are as beautiful in appearance as they are in motion. The true socialite, they do everything right to please you and become number one in the household. They are a very social animal and can be the life of the party. They appreciate aesthetics and enjoy a daily dose of grooming. They like to try to outsmart you, and are often seen making up clever games as they go along. Of course the rules are usually made to suit them.

  • Scorpio Doggy

    A toy hoarding doggy
    24th October to 23rd November

    Secretive and reclusive might be how you would describe your Scorpio dog. They probably have a whole stash of articles that are buried somewhere never to be seen by human eyes again. They have never forgotten a punishment or command yet. Whether they decide to obey it is another story. They hold grudges and remember those who might have been mean or mistreated them in the past. Trying to get them to come out of their shell may be difficult but once the element of trust is established they will be yours 'til the end. They own you and don't forget it. They may allow you to enter their world once in awhile but only with an appropriate bribe. Sensitive to your feelings and emotions they will not leave your side during upsetting moments. Their job, to protect you until death, is taken quite seriously and let no man or beast come between you. They live for your approval and acceptance.

  • Sagittarius Doggy

    A funky unusual collar doggy
    23rd November to 21st December

    Lock the door, this one's a run away! If you live in London then look as far as Scotland as they cover ground quickly. Can have personality problems, so be careful how you behave around them and if signs show any odd behaviour then get to a good pet behaviourist and quickly...don't let it slide! Full of character and easily taught tricks. Very docile to the point where you can become very protective towards them. Loves catch and any ball games. They will keep you on your toes!

  • Capricorn Doggy

    A very luxurious, lush collar doggy
    22nd December to 21st January

    What an ambitious dog...will always work hard or show off in the dog ring easily. Nobodies fool! This doggy will not put up with something they do not like. Will know who they like and who they don't like very quickly. A very good judge of character and very diplomatic around other dogs. Make a lovely happy pet. Problems arise when their living quarters are not to their standard. Capricorn dogs love a nap so luxury and a soft bed is just the beginning of their desires! They can suffer with depression if not taken out to interesting places with a variety of parks. If you give another dog any affection then be careful as you're THEIRS only!