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Queenie Woofwoof meets Grange Hill

April 2nd,2017
Queenie Woof Woof with Grange Hill celeb Lee MacDonald AKA Zammo in his shop in Wallington Surrey

Queenie Woofwoof  recently stopped by to have her photo taken with Lee MacDonald who used to play Zammo in the icon children’s drama series Grange Hill . Lee is a friend of her Mum Josie .

The show began its run on 8 February 1978 on BBC1, and was one of the longest-running programmes on British television when it ended its run on 15 September 2008.

Lee is well known for playing one of the most iconic tv character of the 1980’s, as Zammo McGuire. One of the most powerful storylines was built around his character Zammo.  Lee played Zammo from 1982 until 1987. He now owns a very successful locksmith’s business in Stafford road  Wallington, Surrey.

  Zammo – the character whose herion addiction provided the hard hitting storyline was made famous. First lady Nancy Regan’s catch phrase was used “just say no “. This powerful message projected through the drama led to the cast been flown to America to meet the First lady Nancy Regan. This also led to it been in every newspaper of time time and it was widely reported on our News channel’s. The cast even made a record “Just say no” .Very ground breaking stuff for a children’s drama.

  The cast from the drama have all had a good range of success in the acting profession some have ended up on our much loved soap Eastenders. They will be forever immortalised in our Childhood. I used to love to get in from school, then get ready to see Grange Hill on the television . Amazing considering I’d been at school myself all day. Everyone of the era would remember chatting about all the dramas gossip the next day at school. It was a show about teenagers for teenagers. We loved it. So funny to think that in my twenty’s I would meet Lee and be proud to say I know him as a friend.

We love this photo of Queenie Woofwoof and Lee, and will always have fond memories of the characters in Grange Hill who were a huge part of our own childhoods. Perhaps we will run into some of the rest of the cast on our travels one day.