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A BBC camera crew followed a leading dog grooming boutique as it tucked into a Yorkshire Terrier.
Licks Ooh La La Cake.JPG.display

The cake of Zephyr which took centre stage at Licks Ooh La La’s tea party

Licks Of London, which was based in Walton Street, in Tadworth, at the time of filming offered high-quality treats for dogs including nail painting and pawdicures.

A television crew filming for Ronnie Corbett’s Animal Crackers followed Josie Carter, 47, and Kelly Pearce, 24, the mother-daughter team from Carshalton who run the boutique, as they threw a party for their 14-year-old Yorkshire terrier, Zephyr, who they thought was on the road to recovery after experiencing problems with its jaw.

Sadly, Zephyr, who was the company’s agony aunt and gave tips for “doggy problems” on the boutique’s website, passed away two months after filming.

Ms Carter said: “Our day of filming was such a fun affair. We are celebs in the dog world.

Licks Ooh La La Cake 1.JPG.display
Josie Carter and Kelly Pearce, founders of Licks Ooh La La

“They filmed our groomers and boutique to give viewers an idea of what’s on offer in a fabulously lush and modern doggy shop.

“Our friends from the dog world arrived for our Mad Hatter’s Tea Party for Zephyr in tutus and suits having walked down the red carpet from our boutique.

“But the most-talked about item was the get-well cake for Zephyr.”

Cake Doggy Dog, based in Sutton, had supplied the cake – a replica of Yorkshire Terrier Zephyr – for the party, which Mrs Carter said was delicious.

Mrs Carter added that Licks Of London, which bills itself as being the official dog fashion bloggers at this year’s Crufts, is currently in talks with people in America and Ireland who want to feature them in dog fashion events.

The programme will be broadcast on September 27, at 7.30pm, on BBC1.

Article from Sutton Gaurdian (25/09/2013) –