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This is the latest article on us it was featured in a magazine called time & leisure on the 3rd of April 2013.
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Josie, Andrea, Sarah, Kelly
The Croydon Advertiser (June 2010)

Deep-London Magazine February 2010
Name: Josie and Kelly, ‘Licks Ooh La La’ (Ground Floor)

What is Licks Ooh La La? We’re a dog boutique for dogs of all shapes and sizes. We offer coats and collars both for everyday use or those special ‘red-carpet’ occasions.

Any opening or special offers? Lead and matching collar for £10 while stocks last. Also, spend £30 or more to get a free carpet pet hair remover until 28th February 2010.

How did you come to be in STUFF?

Since 1994 Josie has been successfully breeding, and still shows miniature Yorkshire Terriers, and after years of experience in the human beauty industry, she decided to concentrate her efforts on becoming a fully qualified and professional animal groomer. Josie’s daughter Kelly has joined forced with her Mum to create the Licks emporium. With their experience and passion for fashion in all things pink, sparkly and beautiful they felt they could bring glitz and glamour to the dog world at affordable prices. Licks only sell high quality fashionable attire guaranteed to turn heads. Kelly says “If it wasn’t for our dogs trying and testing all of our products then I wouldn’t be happy selling them”

“We had been looking for somewhere to showcase our business for ages before we found STUFF. We never thought we’d be as overwhelmed and excited as we were when we saw it.” David and his team have created an unique indoor village with a great atmosphere – everyone is so friendly and welcoming.

“We knew instantly that STUFF represented the type of business we have; unique, quirky and definitely different!

BBC Interview 14 February 2010
Stuff’s initial tenants are an intriguing mixture of market veterans and people who have never run any kind of retail venture before. But their general level of enthusiasm for the project is high.

“It’s like Harry Potter-land in here, isn’t it?” says Josie Carter, who runs the Licks Ooh La La dog boutique on the ground floor.

Her stock consists of all manner of canine bling, from coats to sparkly accessories – everything you need, as she puts it, to “pimp your pet”.

Josie has experience of breeding and grooming dogs, but it took the advent of Stuff to persuade her to become a stallholder.

“It’s a lovely atmosphere,” she says. “Shopping malls are all sterile, but it’s a real community in here.”