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Licks Of London Our Giant Pink Chihuahua Car

September 21st,2018

So what has our giant pink car been up to since it was on Carjackers?

Well if you saw the programme you would have seen my daughter Kelly steal my lovely Blue RAV in secret and turn it into a giant Pink Chihuahua on wheels! Check out our YouTube channel to see the transformation undertaken by the E4 Carjackers team and the XqusituePR production based in Leatherhead, Surrey.

We definitely attracted more attention than we’d ever imagined was possible! You may have seen us driving around? We’ve been a very busy pink Chihuahua, visiting Glastonbury, Brighton, Birmingham and London at lots of different doggy events. As guest judges at the Bermondsey dog show (run by our lovely friends Holly and Lil) we turned up and boy did we get tongues wagging! We even danced around the maypole with Dame Sandra Rhodes and Sir Andrew Logan. Were you one of the lucky ones to get a pic next to our pimped out pink wagon?

So what happened to the car after filming had finished you might wonder? Well, we drove off into the sunset and into a traffic jam where a ‘white van man’ slipped off his breaks and pilled into the back of our giant pink car, OUCH! Accident No1…only 20mins out of the body shop! The crew of E4 and the body shop guys couldn’t believe it.

Then……Accident NO2!!!! We were in London, Shaftsbury Avenue, the car all repaired and looking beautiful again, when yet another ‘white van man’ backs into the front end of us; I mean we’re a giant BRIGHT PINK car, how could you not see us?! So back we went again to the guys at XqusituePR for yet another repair job! More dog shows and events, when….yessss, you guessed it….ANOTHER accident!

Accident NO3!!!!!! This time, sadly it wasn’t a ‘white van man’ it was us! Silly poodles, we backed into a low pole, whoops! Back to Leatherhead for a fix again!

Thankfully we’re great believers in things happening in three’s, paws crossed that’s the end of the accidents for a very long time! We were beginning to think pink is a cursed colour for giant pink Chihuahua’s.

Besides a sore bottom at times, our lovely wagging carriage causes such a storm and we get so many positive comments because of it. You would never believe that a pink car could evoke so much attention every day…like us, its totally mad and off it’s lead! People take pictures all the time, kids love it and most men surprisingly compliment the colour! At Licks, we don’t follow trends, we set them, so you heard it here first the future is PINK CARS!

The pink sparkle wrap looks amazing when the sun shine’s on it; with the recent fab weather we’ve had, we’ve literally sparkled all year round!

But you’ve not seen the last of it yet, that’s right our car will soon be back on TV! And of course Queenie Woofwoof steals the show as always!…But everyone needs a bit of Queenie Woofwoof in their life!!

If you do see us cruising around or at an event, be sure to say hello…we don’t bite but we do lick and we love to make new fury friends.