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How to help your doggy when the end is near..

April 29th,2016
Dogs in their twilight years

As your doggy grows old ,you become increasingly nervous about their impending death. We outlive our dogs by quite a number of years and as the years tick by their death can seem pressing as they get older and older.

Your dog ages quicker than you, hence the phrase “dog years”. He or she maybe only 10 years old but in ‘dog years’ they are 100!

As they get older medical conditions continue to contribute to the entire breakdown of their internal systems. Treatment will help to keep your dog fit and young so always keep up your boosters up to date and ensure vet visits when you feel they are not to well. When your dog enters their twilight years treatment helps to keep them comfortable.

Commons symptoms, when the end is near, are lack or loss of appetite, loss of control of their bladder and bowels, runny or weeping eyes, they can experience a drop in body temperature. When a slow shut down of their internal organs happens, its just the same as in humans. You may find your dog will not want to be moved much and its important to keep them comfortable and warm at all times.

They may have excessive thirst, always make sure they can get to a bowl of water! If you find they are too weak to lift their head then its a good idea to have a dropper to hand it’s a good way of keeping them hydrated.

Being there for your doggy in the final days is one of the most important last things you can do for your VID (Very Important Doggy). They’re your best friend and need you more than ever before.

Stroking and rubbing their fur and a gentle voice of their best friend has the biggest, most soothing and calming effect while they get ready to stroll to doggy heaven. We never want to admit when our loved ones may be on their journey to heaven but with advice above at least we can make it as painless as possible for them.

We have experienced the after pain of losing your dog . It’s a real long hard healing process after they have gone.

If your feeling partially down and would like to chat about your dog were always happy to hear from you. Just drop us a email at sometimes it nice to talk to people who understand how your feeling about losing your best friend in the world.