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Dyeing Dogs Different Colours

April 29th,2016

To dye a doggy or not to dye a doggy, that is the question !

Lots of controversy going on at the moment about whether it’s right to dye your doggy a colour or to stay Au naturelle. Being a groomer I have dyed dogs before but safely and with dog dye not food dye like the Twins on the Playboy program! So long as your responsible and you know what you’re doing its fine and very safe for your doggy.

I dyed my my mums doggy, Floyd, a Pink colour! He looked fantastic and although my Mum didn’t know, after the initial shock of him having pink bits she thought he looked amazingly cute. But beware its not an easy task to under take the dye stains, everything it comes into contact with will dye pink! A plastic bath is a good idea to stand and dye the dog in. I wrapped Floyd’s ends of his hair in tin foil then just brushed the ends to give a soft and pretty effect. My dye came from where us professionals get our equipment from Flamingo Pink was the colour and it looks fantastic!

Really this kind of dye should be left in the experience dog groomer hands. Always check they have dyed dogs before as you do not want your doggy to be practiced on. Another great source for a quick and easy dye fix is the spray in dog dye. This is easy to apply and just washes out lots of fab colours to choose from and great if your doing a fun dog contest and dressing your dog up for it. Much easier to use and more for the general public. You can even get stencils and maybe just have a star or heart. Again this just washes out; a great place to go for this is lots of colours to choose from and only £3.99 plus P&P. If you just want a fun, safe but effective look for that all important Red Carpet moment then we love to spray in Dog glitter. It simply washes out, we so love our sparkle as you all know, check it out, there available in our boutique.

So theres the TRUE facts about dyeing your dog, its very safe but only in the right hands and with the right knowledge…Happy dyeing doggy’s!