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Channel E4 Carjackers They have our car ! Oh No

December 11th,2016
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So this summer we took part in a programme called “Carjackers” and we had a ball! E4 secretly pinch cars belonging to friends and family to surprise them with a shock makeover from the Carjackers team – Matt, Sophie, Rob with their crew of vehicle experts and modifiers. We are still not allowed to talk too much about it or put pictures up of our car which has been so hard for us! We can’t wait for you all to see the car.

The series is now about to start on E4 on Monday the 12th of December 2016, so we are really wagging our tails. We will be in the episode on Friday the 23rd of December, then it will be out there for all to see our car! Watch the trailer below to get a taste of things to come. We think it will become a “DON’T MISS IT” programme. If you’re out Christmas shopping make sure you record it. Don’t forget to tell your friends, it really will be very fun to watch. We really can’t wait to be able to post up the picture’s. We know it’s going to be mad ,fun, and Wild just like us .