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Dog Amber Beauty Collar
March 2nd 2016

Amber Beauty Collar

You will not find another collar like this one. Its stunning ! A one off. …

Dog Barbie Collar
March 2nd 2016

Barbie Collar

A Barbie collar will set the style bar high. This pink collar with fantastic flower …

Dog Black Ruby Bow Tie Collar
March 2nd 2016

Black Ruby Bow Tie Collar

This is a smart collar one that will get tails wagging. Very unique and it …

Dog Red Bow Collar
March 2nd 2016

Bow Red Collar

The red bow detail on this collar is so smart .This collar really stands out …

Dog Orange Parate Collar
March 2nd 2016

Orange Pirate Collar

A orange Pirate collar is very cool look. Every doggy will want this collar and …

Dog Pearl Rose Collar
March 2nd 2016

Pearl Rose Collar

A very smart collar with a beautiful round cluster of diamonds and pearls, with gold …

Dog Pink Heart Collar
March 2nd 2016

Pink Heart Collar

What a amzing colour for a colour lime green so unusal. The large white heart …

Dog Pink Strawberry Collar
March 2nd 2016

Pink Strawberry collar

Pink strawberry is the most cute collar .Pink strawberry collar with green leaf detail diamonds …