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Nail that’s different!

April 29th,2016

I’ve heard about fake nails in Thailand that stick onto your doggy’s real nails but the newest trend that’s hit America is a lot kinder and safer…nail art for dogs!

There’s a new nail varnish out that’s designed specifically for your doggies. It dries in 40 seconds so your nail art wont smudge if you have a fidgeter of a dog and it has no toxic chemicals for those nail biters out there!

Pawdicure Polish Pens from Warren London are available now for $8.95 and come in a variation of colours. Theres Paw-ty In Pink, Smooch The Pooch Purple, Orange You Glad I’m Neon and Walk In The Park Green. You can get your paws on some paw paint at this link You can even upload pictures of your doggies nail art and blog about it! Got that special occasion coming up? Want to match their outfit with their nails? Well now you can! Don’t worry if you’re not a professional nail painter, they have videos of how best to apply different pawdicure pens and ideas on diverse patterns!

The makers boast that, ‘only one layer application is necessary for that great look for your pampered pup.’

The pens are all water based and non toxic but there is still massive controversy on this subject! Some say what’s the point because you can’t see your doggies nails through all their fur anyway, others argue its not harmful for dogs and is a great way of bonding with your pooch and having fun….but what do you think?

Anyone that’s met us Licks Ladies, aka Dog Fashion Police will know we have extremely long and beautifully painted nails but would we do this to our dogs?….The verdicts still out for the moment! For now, our doggies are happy with the natural look but im sure it wouldn’t hurt giving it a try when their next red carpet moment arises!